Rainsford Character Analysis

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The Most Dangerous Game “The world is made up of two classes-- the hunters and the huntees.’’ Rainsfords states this at the beginning of The Most Dangerous Game. What he meant was that we are all like animals, some strong others weak. Rainsford is the main character in “The Most Dangerous Game” that is written by Richard Connell. In the story there is a conflict between the main character, Rainsford, and the villain, Zaroff. The story takes place in an isolated tropical island in the Caribbean. Zaroff and Rainsford share a character trait that determines Rainsford fate in the end of the story. Both are hunters and hunting for them is a lifestyle. Zaroff challenges and leaves Rainsford with no other choice but to be hunted. It’s Rainsford's …show more content…

This is said by Rainsford in the beginning of the story. Rainsford thought more about himself then he did the animals he was hunting. He never cared about the prey he took down. Zaroff becomes the hunter that is hunting Rainsford. This conflict gives Rainsford a taste of his own medicine. Rainsford’s point of view changed and now he has insight to what the animals he hunted felt. Rainsford manages to injure Zaroff several times. At the end of the story Rainsford is forced to jump in the murky waters at the edge of the island. When the readers lose hope and we think that Rainsford is but another one of Zaroff’s victims, Rainsford reappears in Zaroff’s bedroom. They have a final battle in which Rainsford comes out victorious. In Richard Connell’s story he supports the idea that the world is made up of two kinds of people(hunters and huntees). Leaders and Followers seems to fit better. Some people enjoy being leaders and others enjoy being followers. In this day in age most people are just followers and their okay with that. In the story Zaroff represents the bad and crazy people in the world. Rainsford represents the good and sane people on this earth. Some people's actions cause them to be bad. But like Rainsford we can be shown that maybe the way we do things isn’t the best way or the right

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