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The Most Dangerous Game In the story, “The Most Dangerous Game”, written by Richard Connell there is a man named Sanger Rainsford. He is cast away off a yacht that he fell off. When he is cast away he gets on the island and falls into a deep sleep and wakes up in one day. When he wakes up he starts exploring the island. He is on a strange island where the sailors he was sailing with fear the island as well as the captain. There on that island he finds an enormous building there he goes and knocks on the door and huge man named Ivan answers the door pointing a pistol at Rainsford’s heart. After that is where he meets the General Zaroff. Just like Rainsford General Zaroff is a professional hunter but what Rainsford doesn’t know in the beginning …show more content…

In the story General Zaroff says,”Some he makes kings, some beggars. Me, He made a hunter” (Connell Pg. 223). This quote shows that General Zaroff is definitely a hunter, he has been a hunter for his whole life. Also in the story it shows that Rainsford is a major and famous hunter. General Zaroff mentions how he read Rainsfords books on hunting the Snow Leopard. Also in the story General Zaroff says that he admires Rainsford and his hunting school. In my life I have been a hunter like Rainsford. I have also been hunted like Rainsford just not on that serious of a note. My example of hunting is when I hunt animals around the State of Wyoming. I have hunted quite a bit of animals, I have hunted deer, antelope, elk, and a lot of small game. I have been hunted by things as well. I have been hunted by people while playing games I have also been hunted by animals while I was hunting. While hunting can seem like a one sided sport for the huntees it can very well be a two sided sport. The hunted can turn into the hunter in the blink of an eye. If the hunter makes a mistake then it could cause them to be the hunted. Just like in the story Rainsford becomes the hunter in an instant right when he appears in General Zaroff’s

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