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Annie Dryden Essay Have you ever gone hunting? In the short story “The Most Dangerous game” Zaroff, our antagonist, makes people play a game that is not fair at all. Our protagonist Rainsford ends up on an evil island called ship trap island. While on this island he meets Zaroff and learns out why the island is considered evil, Zaroff hunts people on that island. Some of the main reasons the game isn't fair are the weapons each player gets aren't equal, the “prey” doesn't know the island as well as Zaroff does, and Zaroff is considered to be the best hunter in the world. To begin with, in “The Most Dangerous Game” Zaroff has unfair advantages compared to the people he is hunting. On page 26 it says,” I give him a supply and an excellent hunting knife. I give them three hours to start. I am to follow, armed with only a pistol of the smallest caliber and range.” The statement above describes what tools Zaroff provided for the people he hunted and what tools he got. The difference between those tools is a pistol is something that can be shot from a distance meanwhile a knife can only be used up close or thrown but then you would lose it. The next quote also on page 26 Zaroff says, ’”One almost did win. I eventually had to use the dogs. ”’The statement above claims that whenever someone comes close to winning Zaroff's …show more content…

The next quote on page 22 it says, ”About the hall were the mounted heads of many animals-lions, tiger, elephants, moose, bear; larger or more perfect specimens Rainsford had never seen. ”The statement above describes how while Rainsford was examining Zaroff's home he noticed animal heads that looked perfect. He had never seen such beautiful animal heads throughout his years of hunting. Nevertheless, Zaroff is an incredible hunter and always has been unlike the sailors he lure to the

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