Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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Rainsford gets scared because somehow Zaroff got in the room. “I just came here to say congratulations, you won the game.” Rainsford seems surprised and he said, “Thank you” Zaroff said “Don’t seem so surprised.” Rainsford wanted to know why he’s still here. Zaroff wouldn’t leave the room it seems like he was waiting for something it made me very suspicious, so I keep an eye out for anything. Then something came out of nowhere it was this kind of smoke I couldn’t see anything and then when it went away Zaroff wasn’t there and a note was there it this isn’t over just, yet I will beat you and you will die. I stared to worry and look for my weapons I was trying to get prepared. I should have seen this coming he was acting really weird. I need …show more content…

I have one weapon in my hand. I went under the bed and tried to be quiet. Then Zaroff kicked in the door and said“come on out Rainsford I know you’re in here.” When Zaroff got close to the bed I reached out my hand out and tripped him I hurry up and got up I ran, and I tried to hide really fast, but I could hear Zaroff coming up near where I was. I didn’t know what to do so I hide behind a bookshelf and found something to throw and I threw it across the room to make him think that I was there he went to where the noise was I quietly, but I hurried up I didn’t want him to catch me, so I tried to find a place to hide and, so I went in to the kitchen and hide in there. I was trying to think of what I could next, and my brain wasn’t thinking fast enough I was trying really hard to think of something then in the corner of my eye I seen a smoke bomb. I then got an idea it was when he walks in here I will through it and then I will kill him. The only thing I had to do was wait for Zaroff to walk on, so I could get …show more content…

I looked at him and said, “how did you get past the hounds” Zaroff then said, “it was easy I know this place really well I know how to get past hounds I have lived here for so long.” I stared to freak out then I said to him “come on Zaroff lets just forget this ever happened and we can both live lets sat this is the end” Zaroff look at me with a big smile on his face and said “don’t you get it there can only be one of us to survive why can’t you see that and I’m not going to be the one to die so that means you the only one left.” Rainsford’s trying to think of something to say then he says “Look Zaroff we can change the rules it doesn’t have to be where only one of us lives neither of us has to die.” Zaroff then says, “I see your point, but the thing is I like how the rules are right now because I always win and always will win.” Right after Zaroff said that the hounds broke in the door and got to Zaroff whn they stared to go after Rainsford he was starting to kill them but there was to on Zaroff just killing him. After Zaroff was dead Rainsford killed those two

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