The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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In this essay on the story, “The Most Dangerous Game” written by Richard Connell, the audience will read about the story of how Sanger Rainsford survived three very suspenseful days. They will also meet the very skillful and vicious hunter General Zaroff. They will also read about Sanger Rainsford’s very dangerous traps that he set up in those three days.Sanger Rainsford is a very cultured hunter as the audience will see because none of the traps that he built are American. An average human being would have most likely built some sort of trap that was mainly based from something that was invented in the U.S. Sanger Rainsford has been very worthy to surviving against the very skilled General Zaroff.
Sanger Rainsford tried to kill General Zaroff three in this story but my favorite trial was Sanger Rainsford’s Malay mancatcher. His attempt was a failure but not completely, for he injured General Zaroff’s shoulder in this attempt. A Malay mancatcher is a trap in which the victim of the trap would step on a trigger to set off the trap which would proceed to drop on the victim. Luckily for General Zaroff he has hunted in Malacca before and is very agile and quick. “Rainsford, called the general, if you are within the sound of my voice, as I suppose you are, let me congratulate you, not many men know how to build a malay mancatcher” (Connell 26). “I am going to have my wound dressed” (Connell 26). General Zaroff is very quick. If he wouldn’t have been so agile he would have been
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