Richard Connell's Use Of Foreshadowing In The Most Dangerous Game

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In Richard Conell’s “The Most Dangerous Game”, Rainsford learned a hunter can be hunted. Connell’s use of foreshadowing makes the story much more interesting and gives it more suspense. First, When Whitney and Rainsford were talking about the island they said it was dangerous and that there were cannibals on the island (Conell 40). Second, rainsford falls off the boat and ends up on an island. Rainsford finds blood and a gun. (Conell 42). Third, When Rainsford said "that the Cape buffalo is the most dangerous of all big game." General Zaroff Then said slowly, "No. You are wrong, sir. The Cape buffalo is not the most dangerous big game." (Conell 47) Fourth, General Zaroff invented “A new Animal” (Conell 48) Fifth, General Zaroff said the

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