Most Dangerous Game Movie And Book Comparison

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“I’ve always thought,’ said Rainsford, ‘that the Cape buffalo is the most dangerous of all big game.’ ‘No you are wrong sir… I hunt more dangerous game.” The book, The Most Dangerous Game written by Richard Connell, is about a stranded big game hunter, Rainsford. Who finds himself on an island where General Zaroff, the owner of the island, hunts humans for sport. A very unusual tale that happened to be popular enough to be composed into a film. Because of this transition, there were drastic changes made to the movie, but also there were similarities that had to be kept in order to maintain the original ideas of the book. Characters are the center of any movie or work of literature. How they are developed and portrayed makes an impact on the …show more content…

For instance, in the book Rainsford, Whitley, General Zaroff, and Ivan are the only characters named. In the film, however, the characters Martin and Eve play a big role. Eve and Martin are added characters in the movie that are not in the book. According to the motion picture Eve and Martin are siblings who are also stranded on the island. When Eve wakes up and asks Rainsford to help her search for her brother is when Rainsford is asked to hunt with Zaroff. Eve and Martin caused Rainsford to find out about Zaroff’s “pastime” differently than he did in the book, where Zaroff asked him the first time they met. Additionally, once Zaroff decided to hunt Rainsford, he only gave him one night instead of three in the short story. Zaroff might have done this because Eve decided to go with Rainsford on the hunt. Although adding extra characters did change the overall plot the main characters gave you some familiarity to hold on to. Zaroff and Rainsford, the two main characters, have little change in them from the book to the movie. In both the story and the cinema, Zaroff and Rainsford are very experienced hunters. Throughout both stories …show more content…

In the book Rainsford jumps off the edge of the island and swims back to the castle to hide and wait for Zaroff. However, in the film he comes back and escapes with Eve. In the book the General dies because Rainsford kills him. In spite of the short story’s plot, Zaroff dies because of his own fault in the movie. Also Rainsford escapes and leaves the island in the movie. Yet in the short story he stays on the island and the book leads you to believe that he takes up the “hobby” of hunting humans. All these differences were most likely made to leave the audience of the movie with a more “Happily ever after” feeling. Even though there were differences between the resolutions, death was not left out from either. In both stories General Zaroff dies. Rainsford comes back and fights him because he calls himself an uncaged beast. Also at the end of both stories Zaroff, keeping his gentlemanly word, says Rainsford is free to go. The deal was if Rainsford won he could leave the island. Whether Zaroff would have followed through with this is unknown due to his death. The two resolutions send very different messages. The book leaves a darker and foreboding mood. While the motion picture leaves you with a feeling of reassurance that Eve and Rainsford are finally safe and no one will ever be hunted

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