Comparing The Most Dangerous Game Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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Changing a story into a film proves to be a difficult task when it comes to using similarities and differences. Writers and movie producers want to be able to keep some things the same in order to keep the main idea when transitioning from a short story to a motion picture. On the other hand, there will also be some alterations between the two in order to add little details to distinguish between the two. In both productions of The Most Dangerous Game, the short story by Richard Connell and the recreational film by Irving Pichel and Ernest B. Schoedsack, there are some resemblances, which keeps the storyline remotely the same. However, there are some differences to add little touches to both. When changing a short story into a film there are …show more content…

For instance, in both The Most Dangerous Game story and the motion picture version, the similitude between characters can be very easily recognized. For example, Zaroff and and Rainsford are both experience hunters. This helps urge on the chase, because they are both experienced, Zaroff finds that the hunt will be even more exciting than any other one before. With both of their brains against each other it would make a exhilarating hunt. Also, in both of the versions of The Most Dangerous Game, Rainsford is a famous hunter. This helps with the thrill of the hunt as well because Zaroff has read some of the books Rainsford has written, which helps him know about Rainsford and his hunting abilities.. Rainsford being a famous hunter makes Zaroff want to compete against him to confirm he is as good of a hunter as he discloses to be. Not only do the characters show some comparability, but the plot events do as well. Specifically, Rainsford ends up in the sea which results in him ending up on the island. This is how the entire setting and main points take off. The island is where everything major in both the short story and the flick happens, this is is where everything takes place. Additionally, Zaroff is bored with hunting animals. This helps really bring the main plot through and gives both the narration and movie their title, The Most Dangerous Game which is, hunting humans rather than animals. …show more content…

For example, there are added characters in the film including, Eve, and her brother, Martin. They both ended up on the island after their ship crashed, just like Rainsford.This gives the production an entirely new meaning. Granted that, there is now a girl involved who goes on the hunt with him, while in the book, he is by himself. This makes it where he is hunting to win not just for himself, but for the girl he is trying to free. Also, this results in him returning to the house for her, rather than just leaving himself. In addition, the brother has a turn in the movie as well, he provides comic relief when things got tense. He is also the reason Rainsford discovered the “trophy room” which is where he is told, Zaroff hunts people. This differs from the story because Zaroff told him when the time was right and Rainsford did not believe him while in the cinema version, Rainsford knows this is true, for he has witnessed it. Likewise, the plot wavers in comparisons and has many contrasts. For instance, why Zaroff was killed differentiates in both productions. In the drama, Zaroff is killed by Rainsford sneaking up behind him and killing him out of his own satisfaction while in the video, he kills Zaroff out of self-defense. This changes the theme. In the narration, it is lead on to believe that Rainsford is staying on the island and taking over Zaroff’s way of life. This gives off the idea that Rainsford ended up

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