Compare And Contrast In The Bedroom And Killings

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For some people, reading a book is not the easiest activity in the world. They more prefer to watch movies, but there is always some differences and similarities between movies and stories which based on the same script. My essay will compare and construct the movie "In the bedroom" and "Killings" by Andre Dubus. After I the watched the movie “In the Bedroom" and read the story “Killings” by Andre Dubus, I have noticed a few obvious similarities. Firstly, I noticed that in both versions all characters have the same names. Secondly, Matt was admiring of Marry Ann's Beauty. "She had probably never in her adult life gone unnoticed into a public place." (p. 84)
Thirdly, Frank was shot. "Richard Strout shot Frank in front of the boys." (p. …show more content…

The first difference that I have immediately noticed is that the story starts out in the middle at Frank’s funeral, but the movie starts out in a field. Another difference in the movie is the absence of Frank's sister, Cathleen and older brother, Steve who we read about in the story. "Next day Steve drove with his wife back to Baltimore where he managed the branch office of a bank, and Cathleen, the middle child, drove with her husband back to Syracuse." (p. 80)

Moreover, in both versions the characters have different jobs, for example Matt owns a store in the story. "I am at store all the time." (p. 80) But in the movie he is a doctor with his own practice, and Ruth is a music teacher. I also noticed that both of the killing scenes were portrayed in different ways. For example, in the story Richard shot Frank in the chest and face in front of the boys. "Richard Strout shot Frank in front of the boys." (p. 84) "Strout came in the front door and shot Frank twice in the chest and once in the face with a 9 mm automatic." (p. 84) In the movie Richard and Frank are arguing alone, and Richard shot him in the eye. He did it in rage without any hesitation. I think it proves to us how much of a terrible, heartless person that Richard was, but the movie was not able to display such

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