Foreshadowing Examples In The Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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Connell uses foreshadowing to create suspense throughout the story. The first instance of foreshadowing is right in the third paragraph. As Rainsford and Whitney are chatting on the boat, on their way to a hunting trip, Whitney points out an island. Whitney says about the island “ ‘The old charts call it Ship-Trap Island...suggestive name isn’t it?’ (15)”. He shows obvious dread of the island in his conversation with Rainsford. These statements foreshadow Rainsford getting trapped on the island. They make the readers feel uneasy about the island and fear for Rainsford and the rest of the crew which builds suspense. Another instance of foreshadowing in “The Most Dangerous Game” happens when Zaroff and Rainsford are having their conversation at supper. When Rainsford asks if Zaroff hunts cape buffalo, Zaroff states “ ‘[No,] I hunt more dangerous game’ (17)”. This foreshadows him revealing that he hunts men. This builds suspense because the reader doesn’t know yet what this “dangerous game” is, but they know it probably isn’t good. The author utilizes …show more content…

Towards the end of the story, when Rainsford was trying to figure out what to do next he thinks, “That was suicide. He could flee (22)”. Even later, almost at the end of the story, when Rainsford jumps off the cliff there is a paragraph comprised almost entirely of short sentences. “He reached it. … Rainsford hesitated. He heard the hounds (23)”. These examples of short sentences in “The Most Dangerous Game” keep the reader in the action, and help make it more immediate which creates suspense. The first example of short sentences is in Rainsford’s mind, they are his thoughts. The use of short sentences here shows how terrified Rainsford is, he can’t think in anything more than 3 word sentences. Allowing you into his mind at this point in the story also builds suspense. Suspense is created with the use of short

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