The Most Dangerous Game Setting Analysis Essay

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Setting Analysis: The Most Dangerous Game Can you imagine reading a story without a setting? Lucky for you, you do not have to imagine because it doesn’t exist. Every story happens somewhere at some time. Therefore, the setting of a story is very important to help with the plot of a story. In order to set a setting, you must add several details to help aid the reader to better comprehend the story. Compare, “I ran” to “As I ran through the bleak forest, I could feel my heart thumping in my chest as if it were to jump right out of my body.” The second sentence has more details resulting in a more enjoyable story. Richard Connell, the author of The Most Dangerous Game, included many details to build suspense, relate to the characters, and even relate to events in the plot. The Most Dangerous Game is set on an island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea called Ship-Trap Island. The name of the story itself already gives of an eerie, mysterious connotation. We later learn that the island is the home of General Zaroff, a Russian immigrant and devoted hunter, who lures boats to the jungle island and hunts the sailors for fun. The setting is necessary to the conflict because Rainsford being trapped on the island has no choice but to become the prey for Zaroff to hunt. In the beginning of the story, Rainsford tells Whitney …show more content…

The mood of the story was spine-chilling and mystifying. The name of the island, “Ship-Trap” Island, itself gives off a daunting vibe to the reader. The author wanted his audience to feel as if they were there themselves which is why he added so many details. The details narrow the imagery in the audience’s heads to help them better grasp the plot in the story. If the author hadn’t been so descriptive in the story, we wouldn’t have been able to envision what the island was

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