Analytical Essay On The Most Dangerous Game

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In the short story, “The most Dangerous game” by Richard Connell. A well-known hunter by the name of Rainsford fell out of his boat and swam to a nearby island. As he was on the island, he found a mansion; a man named General Zaroff a very exceptional hunter owned the mansion. The General invited him into his home and told him all about his hunts along with how he is now bored of hunting animals. Zaroff later reveled to Rainsford how he hunts humans, because he thought it was more challenging. Rainsford tries to tell him he wants to leave, but Zaroff had other plans. Rainsford switched roles, and became the prey. Zaroff gave him three days; if he did not find him, he would be dropped off at the nearest town. In order to last the three days …show more content…

First off Zaroff can be evaluated in many ways. Such as confidant, in his home he hangs his trophies all over his walls. Everything that he had caught from exotic animals like elephants and tigers to common wild animals like moose and bears. Hunting was his passion, although as the years went by he realized his passion has gone by too. He was bored of hunting animals he decided to hunt humans, because they were more of a challenge. He gave them supplies like a pocketknife, food, and three-hour head start. Although he gave them the supplies, he would always find them. “I don’t wish you to think of me as a braggart, Mr. Rainsford. Many of them afford only the most elementary sort of problems”. (Connell). As a result of no one beating him he though he was born to be a hunter. “Me He made a hunter. My hand was made for the trigger, my father said”. (Connell). Along with confident, the General is vile. He had hunted every type of animal and found no interest in them anymore, so he tried hunting humans and it ignited his passion with hunting again. The humans were different because they have more wits, and give reasoning. Zaroff didn’t think of it as murder he simply thought of it as hunting with a new kind of prey. “The weak of the world were put here to give the strong pleasure.” (Connell) In order

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