Rainsford In George Orwell's The Most Dangerous Game

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Hunting is a game where you can have fun killing a certain type of animal, but could be very dangerous at the same time. In “The Most Dangerous Game” Rainsford is a character that is a very good hunter. So one day him and his buddy's went out on a yacht and went out on the sea to go to the caribbean to look for this island to hunt Jaguars. But while on a yacht he feel of the boat and fell into the sea. Moving on he was on this Island and met this General. Which liked to me called General Zaroff. Moving on in the story the general like to hunt as well but he liked to hunt humans. So Rainsford was being hunted. Rainsford had to create traps and all types of strategies to beat the general. By the end of the big hunt Rainsford had found a way to …show more content…

“He shrugged his shoulders. Then he sat down, took a drink of brandy from a silver flask, lit a cigarette, and hummed a bit from Madame Butterfly,” (14). The mood of this scene is relief because General Zaroff thought that the big hunt was over so he had went home got really comfortable, had got him some wine, and a big dinner. But little did he know what truly happened to Rainsford. So this shows that General Zaroff had a chance of winning the big hunt. The mood in another scene is happiness because Rainford actually had what it took to win the big hunt. Rainsford ended that night laying in general Zaroff’s bed. “A man, who had been hiding in the curtains of the bed, was standing there. "Rainsford!" screamed the general,” (14). In both scenes Rainford had to out smart General Zaroff to win the big hunt. To convey the theme of competition can enhance a person’s character, Richard Connell has Rainsford succeed at the Most Dangerous Game. Rainsford shows through the big hunt growth because he knows strategies and ways to win the big hunt. The frightening event is when he has to build his traps to stay away from the General. The exciting is when he meets him back at the house and kills the General and win the Most Dangerous

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