Most Dangerous Game Analysis

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In The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell, Rainsford a renowned hunter takes part in a new hunt with General Zaroff that will change his life. Rainsford goes through a series of multiple things that changes his outlook on hunting forever. This essay will touch base on how Rainsford felt before, during, and after the hunt, and will also answer the question how Rainsford’s experience changes his feelings about hunting.
Rainsford, a famous hunter from New York, loved the sport of hunting. So much that it was all about the hunter to him none the less the prey. Before the hunt, he could care less about how an animal felt while being hunted. In quote 1 “Who cares how a jaguar feels?” (Connell 1), is what Rainsford says whilst in conversation whilst fellow hunter Whitney. Rainsford had no regard about the prey, all he cared about was getting his thrill out of it. Rainsford also says in quote 2“Bah! They’ve no understanding.” (Connell 1), referring to …show more content…

Being that Rainsford was in the hunted position he changed his thoughts about hunting. He states in quote 7 “Did not make me condone cold-blooded murder,” (Connell 9), when put into the hunted position he learns the thoughts of what prey might think. After his experience it will make him think more about what he is doing, because he was one in their position. He also becomes sympathetic towards the prey. He says in quote 2 “I’m still a beast at bay,” (Connell 18), referring to himself as prey is a major change. Due to him becoming sympathetic towards the prey, it might affect his hunting, whether or not he will continue the sport he loved.
When the hunting tables were turned on Rainsford, in Richard Connell’s, The Most Dangerous Game, we see into the mind of Rainsford. He learns what it I’d like to be hunted, and his thoughts from before, to during, to after, all affects his views on the sport oh hunting

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