The Skillful Hunter In The Most Dangerous Game By Richard Connell

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It's amazing how two people that have much in common can have totally different personalities. In Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game", Rainsford, a skillful hunter, is to go through many struggles against General Zaroff, his opponent with which he shares many similarities, in order for him to win a hunting contest while proving himself to be the owner of an amazing, unbreakable personality. Through his actions during a game of hunt against a much overconfident hunter, Rainsford proves to have the traits of an honorable man. At the beginning of the story, Rainsford bravely arrives, after falling from a yacht, to the shore of an isolated island. The latter is called ‘Ship Trap’ since it is known to have a bad reputation. He then finds a chateau where he meets General Zaroff, a sophisticated man, who proves to be civilized in his own ways. Rainsford respects the general at first thinking he was a true gentleman. That was until Rainsford finds out about the general’s cruel big game. Since the general has gotten bored of hunting animals, he has a new tough crave to hunt human beings, the only animal that can reason thus face him with a challenge. He also arrogantly claims that he once had to break the rules to be able to maintain the record of him never losing at this game. After having no other option than to play the game, Rainsford starts playing it by the rules to prove how honorable of a man he is. The latter comes very close to killing Zaroff using one of his cunning three traps. After escaping the third trap, Zaroff and his pack of hounds continue their chase. Rainsford then smartly gets away from the hunter by leaping into the sea and making his was back to …show more content…

Although he is unfairly put through danger, the hunter goes through every step in the game abiding by the rules. The least Rainsford could do is maintain a stable image of the man he

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