Rainsford Characteristics

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At least sixty percent of people in the world agree there is two sides to everyone. After certain events, one side appears more often than the other. The traits that people possess on these sides are acknowledged as civil or uncivil attributes. In “The Most Dangerous Game”, Richard Connell proves Rainsford and Zaroff have civil and savage traits that make them seem two sided, but these traits emerge based on the conflict the character is faces. Sanger Rainsford lives a civil life; however, dangerous situations cause him to show his savage side. Rainsford is a sophisticated hunter, he hunts typical game and enjoys hunting as a good sport. “‘ We should have some good hunting up the amazon. Great sport hunting’” (Connell 1). Rainsford has excellent moral values, he always thanks Zaroff and respects Zaroff’s opinions even when he disagrees with them. “‘Thank you, I 'm a hunter, not a murderer’” (Connell 10). After Zaroff tells Rainsford he hunts humans, Rainsford is polite and uses eloquent speech to declare his opinion on Zaroff’s game. Rainsford is wealthy, he travels the world, owns a yacht, and smokes briers.“‘I 'm going to smoke another pipe up on the afterdeck ’” (Connell 2). Sanger Rainsford can also recognize wealth. “Rainsford noted, the table appointments were of the finest--the linen, the crystal, the silver, the china” (Connell 6). Finally, Rainsford has skills and logic that he uses to win the game and make it to Ship Trap Island. “Swimming with slow, deliberate strokes, conserving his strength”( Connell 3). Sanger uses his logic to …show more content…

“ In the Most Dangerous Game”, Richard Connell shows that most people are two-sided and civil or savage traits are displayed depending on the issue the person is conquering. Rainsfords displays his savage traits when he is facing life or death situations. Zaroff demonstrates his civil qualities to disguise his savage actions. In general, everyone is two-sided and civil or savage traits will be shown based on the

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