Rainsford In Richard Connell's The Most Dangerous Game

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Character Essay “I’ll agree to do nothing of the kind,” is Rainsford’s response when he is asked not to speak of the island where a man goes for his favorite hobby; murder (Connell 37). Rainsford is just a poor sailor who swam onto Ship Trap Island to escape the frigid waters that he accidentally fell into. He meets General Zaroff and learns about his personality and actions. Shortly after that, Rainsford soon realizes he needs to get off of the island as soon as he can. He continues to keep a calm head throughout his stay. He knows what the right thing to do is and he does it every time. Rainsford will have to use his intelligence to win, at “The Most Dangerous Game.” Rainsford knows what is right and shows it throughout the story. He does not agree to keep quiet about what he has been told and things he has seen on Ship Trap Island (Connell 37). What happens on the island is wrong. General Zaroff, the owner of the island does not have the same beliefs as Rainsford. At that moment, he clearly tells General Zaroff that hunting men is not okay (Connell 35). No matter how boring hunting animals is, it is not okay to kill humans for a …show more content…

When an unfortunate accident throws Rainsford overboard, he stays calm (Connell 28). In this sudden event, he needs to stay calm, and he does that very well. From this point, he immediately looks around and surveys to find a place to go that isn’t stranded in the ocean. “General, I wish to leave this island at once” (Connell 36). Hearing all about the island and General Zaroff makes Rainsford decide he needs to leave. He is polite and firm, but not aggressive. Rainsford stays in reality when talking about the dark night with Whitney (Connell 27). He does not let his imagination get the better of him and stays focused on his treacherous journey. Staying calm, cool, and collected benefits Rainsford in his journey to and on Ship Trap

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