Summary Of The Most Dangerous Game Chapter Summary

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Richard Connell Biography and Short Story Connections “The Most Dangerous Game” starts off as 2 “big game hunters” (1) by the names Sanger Rainsford and Whitney. They're both headed to the Rio to go hunt jaguars because thay find that a good game.. While going through the Caribbean Sea, both hunters go into their beds. Rainsford goes to “smoke another pipe in the afterdeck” (1) , when he heard an abrupt sounds, making him fall down to the sea below him. After swimming, he lands on a mysterious island. On the island , he meets another big game hunter by the name of General Zaroff and his loyal assistant, Ivan. While talking and eating, General Zaroff tells Rainsford that “[his] hand was made for the trigger” (9) and that he should join him for his “new game” (10). Consequently, Rainsford finds out that General Zaroffs new game is humans, living humans. After, General Zaroff invites Rajnsford to go hunt with him, but Rainsford being the good hunter, says no Both go into an argument, resulting General Zaroff wanting to hunt Rajnsford himself. “[his] brain against [Rainsford’s]”. (15). …show more content…

He used all these “ancient techniques” (19) against General Zarof and all helped him. The Malay Mancatcher hurt Zaroff, Burmese tiger pit killed one of Zaroff’s best dogs, and the Uganda Knife Trick killed Ivan. After several days, Rainsford hides but General Zaroffs finds him, so another chase is made. After trapping Rainsford in a cliff, General Zaroff threatens Rainsford , resulting in Rainsford falling off. In the end, General and Rainsford go in yet another fight and Rainsford wins the match, and General Zaroff

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