The Island-Personal Narrative

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It was the most melancholy time of my life. If Scott Thompson wasn't there, I would not be able to write this narrative . I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was fifty years ago . It was my birthday ,and it all occurred when I woke up that day . My family and I had planned to go to a newly discover island . There were bountiful rumors about the Island being hunted,like always everyone ignored those rumors . When we arrived, I thought that everything was astonishing because the Island give me a creepy feeling . Have You ever gone in a haunted maze ? You know that feeling is something is following you, I was having the same feeling . Before dinner, I had begun examining the Island, I notice that there was an entire section …show more content…

It was so nerve racking , I felt the blood moving throughout my body like a rapid waterfall . As I look up Scott was standing over me, with a puzzled look on his face . He helped me up and together we looked at the gem with a discombobulate expression on our faces . I almost felt my body growing weak again, but I was having a flashback . One of my friends always wore a gem that looks like the exact replica of this gem . I remembered asking her why she always wore the gem . " In my culture we believe in practicing witchcraft, which is better known as voodoo " she replied . As I snap back to reality, I knew that I was holding something that was connected to voodoo, I automatically drop the gem . As I was explaining what I know about voodoo to Scott, he remember than a really long time ago, he found a mysterious book that was in a different language . We went to Scott cabin to get the book . The pages in the book were a creamy white and it feel thick and rough in between my fingers . The book was magical ,if you rub the pages three time is can transform from witchcraft to English . However, if you did it incorrectly you can unleash a supernatural spell . I knew this because my friend had taught how to read some words in the voodoo language. I knew that Scott and I, had to find my friend that knows witchcraft . The only problem was that my friend lives extremely far from my current location . Scott did the

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