Indirect Characterization In The Most Dangerous Game, By Richard Connell

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In “The Most Dangerous Game” Connell uses indirect characterization to show that Rainsford is selfish,humane,and highly skilled.The reader gets a better physical description of General Zaroff.There is not a physical description of Rainsford. General Zaroff Is more fully characterized,Richard Connell,planned for Rainsford to be the dynamic character.Zaroff is physically portrayed more than Rainford and his belonging are better depicted. Rainsford is the character that changes throughout the story while Zaroff remains the same. Some examples of indirect characterization in “The Most Dangerous Game” is when Rainsford makes a prophetic statement in the beginning of the story when he and Whitney discuss whether or not animals feel.For example,”Be realistic.The world is made up two classes--the hunters and the huntees.Luckily,you and I are hunters”(Connell 68).This quote shows that Rainsford feels no sympathy for the animals he hunts,Rainsford only cares for his abilities as a hunter.Connell does not tell us directly that Rainsford is selfish,but the conversation he had with Whitney is a way of showing us it. Next, Rainsford is indirectly characterized as humane through his conversations with General …show more content…

We learn this from watching all of the traps he lays for Zaroff during the hunt.Even Zaroff is impressed with how he kept coming up with more and more clever tricks.We see this in the beginning of the story when Connell shows us how clever Rainsford is and how he reacts to danger,as well as what skills he has.These are some examples,”Rainsford sprang up and moved quickly to the rail” (Connell 69).”When he opened his eyes he knew from the position of the sun that it was late in the afternoon”(Connell 70).These quotes show that Rainsford can be defined as quick and intelligent .His quick movement to the rail illustrates his nimbleness,while his knowledge of the position of the sun giving him a time period illustrates his

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