Cesar Chavez Was A Good Leader Essay

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A man of the people for the people. Cesar is a hero to many because he was a great leader, many even compared him to MLK. he knew what had to be done and exactly how to achieve the goal of getting it done. Cesar Chavez was a extremely effective leader because three main reasons. He had courage and bravery, he had a clear goal and a way to achieve said goal, he was also extremely persistent. In this essay you will learn more about how and why he was such a good leader and why so many people looked up to him. Chavez was never a rich man. When he was a kid him and his family packed up from arizona and went to california. They only had 40 dollars to there name. He had to have a lot of courage to move at such a young age and to survive during this time was extremely difficult. He was a courageous man who knew how to stir up a crowd and get them excited to do things. One famous example is when he started the slogan “si Se Puede” which translates too It can be done. This was a slogan that would be tied …show more content…

He even starved himself to show help people. He was a person who put people above him and never gave up on any cause he put his heart into. Never did he show weakness he was strong for the people he supported he was a hero. He didn't have to get better working conditions for those people he didn't have to keep living conditions equal after he made enough to survive he could have given himself so much more but he didn't he keep things equal. He never gave up and made sure they would win no matter the cost. In the end i think it's pretty clear why cesar chavez was a successful leader he possessed all the leading qualities and knew what to do in a time like that. He was a brave courageous guy with a goal to better the world for other people. He put others above himself and that's what made him such a great

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