Cesar Chavez An Effective Leader Essay

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What made Cesar Chavez an Effective leader? Cesar Chavez was born in Yuma,Arizona in 1927. He moved a lot and went to 36 different schools. He lived through the Great Depression and worked in fruit and vegetable fields as a farmer. On a regular basis California farmers would face mistreatment and abuse mainly by the growers taking advantage of them all. Some would die due to the horrible working conditions such as no water, no breaks, and harsh labor.For these struggles to end farmers needed a new leader to fight for them and that 's when Cesar Chavez came along. When Cesar Chavez came along and took control he became an effective leader because he was willing to create a union, expose the working conditions, and his methods of boycotting. One of the reasons why Cesar Chavez was an effective leader was because he created a union. If Cesar would not have created the union then there would be no support for farm workers to have rights. During this time period many reporters became skeptical about this because many people in the past had tried this before but failed. Cesar had some supporters who believed that he could do it his …show more content…

Cesar went on a 25 hunger strike to encourage others in his movement against grape growers.. In Document C there is a photograph of Robert Kennedy sitting next to Cesar, the reason for this was having his support would give Chavez more attention about what he was doing. Chavez was willing to sacrifice and die of starvation to prove his point across the world. He began to boycott against California table grapes. In Document D it shows that Cesar “signed a contract with 26 major grape growers in the area, an act that meant some 75 per cent of the state’s growers have now been organized by the UFW.” This meant that things were going his way. Every true leader would be willing to sacrifice for the best of his followers and that 's what Cesar

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