Who Is Cesar Chavez A Hero

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Cesar Chavez

“We are tired of words, of betrayals, of indifference...the years are gone when the farm worker said nothing and did nothing to help himself...now we have new faith. Through our strong will, our movement is changing these condition we shall be heard.” The words of an Activist and Laborer Organizer known as Cesar Chavez. Determined to fight for the rights of those farm workers who were afraid to speak up. Never forgot his roots and never forgot where he came from, always remembered how much he struggled. Cesar was seen as a hero in the eyes of farm workers, his goal was to stop rape, torture, and inhumanity amongst the farm workers. He went on a hunger strike for 26 days to defend their rights. Cesar Chavez fought for farm workers rights, inspired and motivated them to come together, and because of him farm workers nowadays have many benefits. …show more content…

The working conditions of farm workers were terrible. Thousands of farm workers had to sleep beneath tree’s, amid garbage and human excrement near tomato fields said Cesar Chavez in his speech. Farm workers had to walk a lot just to buy food and get water. In his speech Cesar Chavez said that 30 percent of Northern California’s garlic harvesters are under-aged kids work with their families. Migrant workers had the highest infant mortality. Farmers went on a hunger strike for 26 days to defend the rights of farm workers, and to protest years of poor pay conditions. Cesar did many things to fight for equality he led marches, called for boycotts and went on hunger strikes for farm workers. Chavez also founded an association for farm workers called “The National Farm Workers Association” in 1962. Since Chavez had been through many things growing up as a migrant worker he did anything that was within his hands to help farm

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