How Was Cesar Chavez An Effective Leader

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Tuesday, April 11, 2023
How Cesar Chavez was an effective leader
Discover the extraordinary leadership qualities that made Cesar Chavez a legend in the fight for social justice. Cesar Chavez was an effective leader because he was a farmer himself, and also because he makes sure everyone is treated equally. He spent most of his life farming and getting poisoned with pesticides. Until he called out all the farmers and started a peaceful protest, which lead to the creation of the UFWA. Cesar Chavez was an effective leader because he showed nonviolence, tenacity, and humility.
To begin, the first leadership I am going over is nonviolence. By Time-life Pictures/Getty Images, during a long strike gaunt grape growers, Chavez went on a 25-day hunger strike, and Senator Robert F Kennedy is going to announce his run for president soon. According to Time-life pictures / Getty images, “In February 1968, during a long strike against grape growers, Cesar Chavez went on a 25-day hunger strike. Senator Robert F. Kennedy was soon to announce his run for President, came to support …show more content…

The union was staffed by those with a strong and sincere interest in social justice, but the scheduled workweek was 50-three hours and there was picket duty for staffers. Every person was pressured to take their place on the picket line when the union was on strike, which entailed driving 40 miles and walking a picket line outside an orchard or vineyard. Bob Maxwell, a union leader, Stated,¨Housing was provided, but most staff people, Cesar included, got $7.50 a week for food and $5.00 for other expenses¨(McGregor). In this case, The quote is showing how people get houses (apartments) and well-paying jobs, and this is all provided by Cesar Chavez. Therefore, Cesar is humble by giving everyone shelter and a well-paying job for their time, This helped him by making everyone feel equal and that no one has more power over

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