What Is The Central Theme Of The Movie Cesar Chavez

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1. The movie Cesar Chavez is about a union activist fighting for farm workers’ rights. Chavez was a union leader and labor organizer, organizing his first strike against the grape growers along with other strikes, marches, and boycotts. He grew up from an immigrant family who worked in the fields in California. As Cesar worked in the fields he encountered unfair working conditions that motivated him to change these working conditions. As a leader, his farm workers association started growing with farmers support including the Filipino farm workers. The farm workers association gained publicity and Chavez leader practices start getting attention from other organizations using the fast-growing movement in his favor to create mass marches and …show more content…

What I believe the central theme of the Cesar Chavez movie is lack social justice awareness and the humiliation of farm workers. As Cesar worked in the fields with the rest of the farm workers he experienced the humiliation from the growers and the injustice working conditions farm workers had to experience. 3. The negotiation and administration of work rules in the Cesar Chavez movie were to increase hourly wage and safer working conditions but in general pass laws that would let farm workers organize a union and allow collective bargaining that will guarantee farm workers to unionize. The key participants from the movie Cesar Chavez were mainly all the farm workers and Filipino workers, the growers serve as the managers who treated the farm workers poorly, community organizers but more importantly Cesar Chavez and Dolores who grew interest in defending the farm workers, in addition to the National Farm Workers Association, Kennedy, California governor and organizers from different states. Cesar Chavez fasted for numerous days to prove his perseverance, hard work and sacrifice. This method was his way of protesting to negotiate the terrible working conditions, poor wages etc. for farm workers. Allowing Cesar to build a strong self-respected community that allowed him to build a union without demonstrating any

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