Essay On Holistic Health

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When exploring what is health, it looks at the idea of an individual being free from illness or injuries (World Health Organization 1948). WHO further explains that it is the state of complete: physical, mental, and social well-being and not the absence of disease or infirmity (health context, 2018) In 1986 during Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion, WHO said health is a resource for everyday life, not the objective of living, also is a positive concept emphasizing social, personal resources, and physical capacities. There are different aspects that contribute and impact a person’s health such as their: family and friends, education or job, body, spirit and mind, and all these need to balance to ensure good health (health context, 2018). Holistic health looks at all the methods of healthcare from conventional medication to different therapies to care for a person who needs it. An example is when someone is experiencing …show more content…

Holistic health thinks that health is maintained or reduced by the decision you make every day in all areas of your life and this could: emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual and these four functions help us go through the day and keep us going. Wellness is described as the accomplishment of success in these four areas or more. This is the reason why holistic health is not like allopathic health which focuses on the physical disease. Physical health under holistic approach looks at how a person’s response to disease, it is essential for individual to keep health by eating well, sleep well, having a good hygiene and considers if a person is active, they do not get unwell regularly, has physical strength and, they have a lot of energy. When talking about the physical health of someone it applies to how a person’s body responds to diseases and the body’s

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