Simon A Christ Figure Analysis

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Although Simon does show traits of a Christ figure, he does not fully live up to the archetype of a Christ figure. To be a Christ figure is someone must show the traits of the Biblical Christ. In the Bible, Christ fed people who could not feed themselves, and Simon fed the littluns ripe fruit, so that they could eat without getting sick. Simon’s role as a failed Christ figure is shown in his violent and ineffective “crucifixion” and “resurrection”, and his failure at getting them to listen and be reassured by what he had to say. One of the reasons Simon is a failed Christ figure, is that he just died, unlike Christ, who died a martyr to save humanity, and was resurrected from the dead. Simon’s “Crucifixion” was failed because his death …show more content…

Golding wrote his death in this way purposely, so that Simon would look as if he was being resurrected, but in reality he is just drifting out to sea, and his body will decompose and fish will eat him, along with the Angelic looking creatures on him pulling him to sea. His message did not endure, as the boys just killed him and ran away, none of them hearing that he freed the island from the corruption of the dead man. Simon’s role as a failed Christ figure was shown by his crucifixion, “resurrection”, and his failure to get the boys to listen to his message of freeing them from corruption. His violent death did not make him a martyr as Christ was, he would only to be thought of as a batty boy who died on the island. He did not become a savior as Christ did to his disciples, even though he did free them from the corruption of the world. He had many of the traits of a Christ figure, but in the end he failed to live up to the archetype, and would be forgotten by the boys as they grew

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