Simon Birch Character Traits

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“Time is a monster that cannot be reasoned with. It responds like a snail to our impatience...then it races like a gazelle when you can 't catch your breath.” This is said by adult Joe Wenteworth and he is saying that waiting for time to go by can be lengthy but when you look back it seems hurried. Joe acknowledges this when he is at Simon Birch’s grave and looks back at his memories of him. Simon Birch is a film about a young, disabled boy trying to become a hero along with his best friend Joe Wenteworth. Throughout his journey Simon has three central character traits that are particularly expressed, he is remarkably courageous, optimistic and faithful. The first heroic quality Simon Birch portrays in the film is courage. He constantly considers others …show more content…

Finally, the last characteristic Simon possesses is that he is devotedly faithful. He is an enormous believer of God and loves sharing his faith with other people. This is proven during various conversations with Reverend Russell and his best friend, Joe Wenteworth. When Simon is talking to the reverend, he suggests that God made him the way he is for a reason and says, “I think I 'm God 's instrument - that he 's gonna use me to carry out his plan.” Despite the reverend not agreeing to this statement, Simon still has faith he is. The last occurrence when Simon is faithful is when he is continually encouraging Joe to be joyful. Simon claims, “Your problem is that you have no faith.” Joe responds, “I got faith. I just need proof to back it up.” Joe is more of a pessimist and practical person. Therefore, Simon is there hence he can inspire Joe to be further positive. In summary, Simon Birch is incredibly courageous because he always stands up for what he believes in, optimistic because he is joyful no matter what other people may think of him and faithful because of his devotion for God. He presents these characteristics throughout the film in frequent diverse ways. In the end of it all Simon Birch is a true

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