Compare And Contrast Scarlet Ibis And Simon Birch

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In the dramatic short story Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst a boy named Doodle and his brother encounter many obstacles similar to the brothers in the movie Simon Birch even though they come from starkly different family situations. Doodle and Simon were always the underdogs and wanted to be accepted. Doodle wasn’t accepted by his brother whereas Simon’s brother always looked at him like an equal. There brothers teach them many things like baseball and how to walk. Simon and Doodle are always happy and never sad or down. Simon and Doodle are both the underdogs and aren’t accepted because of their disabilities, such as one's height and the others inability to walk. They would get bullied and people would be rude to them without trying to understand them, even though they were nice people. Like in Simon Birch when Simon was getting tossed around in church.When Doodle’s brother …show more content…

Simon Birch’s brother treated him with much more respect than Doodle’s brother did. Doodle’s brother taught him how to walk because he wanted to have a able bodied brother.”When Doodle was five years old, I was embarrassed at having a brother of that age who couldn’t walk, so I set out to teach him” (James Hurst 132) Whereas Simon’s brother Joe did things out of the love of his heart. Like when he gave him the armadillo that Ben gave him. Simon also didn’t have very loving parents who didn’t care what he did but in Doodle’s case he had loving parents who cared about him. This affected Simon a lot he only wanted his parents to love him. In these stories two unordinary people defy the odds and prove people wrong. They were always the underdogs and people didn't like them although they didn't try to understand them. Simon was also fortunate to have a caring brother who treated him right unlike Doodle’s selfish brother. They are also always happy and never down. Finally they had to overcome a lot of similar

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