The Boat Character Analysis

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Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. It drives us all. It makes us believe in something even when we think everything is against us. Author Nam Le explores the theme of hope in his short story, The Boat and director John Hill coat in his film, The Road. The author and director explore the theme through character development, scenery, the use of symbols and metaphors also through character behaviours. In both the film and short story, the characters go on a journey with hope for a better future. In The Boat, Mai was sent away from her home in communist Vietnam in hope for a better home and new life. After the war North Vietnam dominated, they started controlling the south and introducing their communism and forcing people to comply with the new rules. Mai’s father was sent to a re-education camp where he was forced to become a communist. When he returned “his re-education camp had blinded him” as if he was brainwashed and had no life left in him, portraying …show more content…

In The Boat the author uses the roll of money as a symbol of hope for Mai, “her mother had hooked her fingers under her waistband and handed her a damp roll of money”. Mai’s mother had hope for her future by handing her the roll of money, which was also a symbol of hope that they would make it to their destination. Another symbol of hope is Truong, his singing is the driving force that gives Mai hope. The Road also uses symbols to relate to the theme hope. “The fire” is a symbol of hope in the road, it gives light and warmth is a guide of how to live and it designates the difference between the cannibals who have no hope and people that “keep carrying the fire”. Another symbol is the road, which is a desolate, transient thing full of danger, the man refers to them as "blood cults". The director really emphasises the importance of the fire by the way it contrasts against the gloomy dark post apocalyptic

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