Character Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

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Imagine being torn apart from your family, forced to leave your home, and enduring the hardships of living in a refugee camp, these were all defining moments in Salva's journey. Salva’s journey in “A Long Walk to Water” shows incredible strength, determination, and hope despite the challenges he faces whilst he faced loss, embarked on an escape, and found a sense of belonging in a refugee camp. To start, family is a big part of an individual's life, and Salva’s early separation from his family had a big impact on him. Not only was he apart from his loved ones, but Salva had no knowledge of their safety, or even their survival. First, the separation from his family had a great impact on Salva emotionally. He didn't know if they were safe, or even alive and that caused a lot of turmoil and constant worry. However, Salva was also driven by the fact that he wanted to reunite with his loved ones urgently. This gave him strength and determination to endure all the difficulties during his journey. Lastly, being apart from his family allowed Salva to develop survival skills and become more self-sufficient. He learnt how to deal with unfamiliar situations and make important decisions all on his own. Separation from his family is definitely one of the most defining moments for Salva that …show more content…

Losing Marial along the way served as a strong reminder of the dangers Salva would face. It left a lasting impact on him and exposed him to the harsh realities of life at a young age. His escape from the war was not only dangerous but Salva also faced many challenges along the way. To start, the tragic death of his uncle had a big effect on him. The loss made Salva stronger and more responsible as he carries the memory and legacy with him. In conclusion, escaping the war was a big milestone in Salva’s life and demonstrates great

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