Who Is Salva's Determination In A Long Walk To Water

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Imagine this. Kids having to run away from their families in order to survive. In the book called A Long Walk to Water it is about a boy in a true story and he has a book about his life by Linda Sue Park. A boy named Salva is determined, caring, and persistent.
Throughout the novel Salva demonstrates determination by pushing himself to do his best and not give up on anything no mater what is going on. One instance where Salva showed determination is on page 65, paragraph 4. “Marial was gone. Uncle was gone, too, murdered by those Nuer men right before salva’s eyes. Marial and uncle were no longer by his side,and they never would be again,but salva knew that both of them would have wanted him to survive,to finish the trip and reach the itang refugee camp safely. It was almost as if they had left their strength with him, to help him on his journey.” Another example is “ So he had to shake the fear of to continue the journey” These examples prove that Salva was determined because he knew that his family would want him to make the trip. …show more content…

He displayed this when he was in the desert and had broken his big toenail so he had no toenail. “Soon he was crying so hard he could not get his breath. He could not think; he could hardly get his breath. He had to slow down, and for the first time on the long journey, he began to lag behind.” another example is “Do you see that group of bushes you need only to walk as far as those bushes.” said Uncle who was magically by his side. This is the way he demonstrated this trait this example makes it clear that Salva was persistent because he could have just gave up and not go any further but Salva is not a quitter so he pushed himself. In conclusion, Salva was definitely a character that showed many different character traits by being kind, caring, loving, persistent, and determined. Throughout the novel Salva demonstrates persistent in every

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