A Long Walk To Water Analysis

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A Long Walk To Water
Linda Sue Park’s book entitled A Long Walk To Water is about two people on different paths that eventually meet. One character named Nya is a girl who walks 12 hours a day to get water for her family. While the other character Salva is a boy who is left in a country surrounded by war. In Salva’s story, his survival became possible through three main factors:his uncle, food and water; the memory of his family.

His uncle was one of the most influential and supportive people in his life and he helped Salva throughout his journey. At one point, he was reunited with his uncle who had left to fight in the war he felt safe and he depended on his uncle for anything. This shows that his uncle was very caring, helpful and encouraging. In the book it says “ Salva shook his head, unable to imagine what life would be like in the camp without Uncle.”(?). In another instance, we find out that his best friend Marial was killed by a lion and that he was greatly affected by the death of his friend but through this, his uncle was there to comfort him and protect him. This tells us …show more content…

While his uncle was alive, he helped Salva do everything throughout the journey. Even when he died nobody forgot him and Salva’s memory of his loving uncle gave him the strength to finish the journey. Food and water was the most important factor that led to his survival. He knew that there was barely any water in the desert and that it was hard to find food which taught him to treasure everything he was given. Throughout the book we are led to believe that Salva’s parents and siblings had passed away but he never lost hope that they were still alive. In the end, his suffering paid off as his hope and dream of finding his family alive finally came true. Through the story of a young boy who treasured all his blessings in a harsh environment, I learned to value the things I have and to not waste these special

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