Perseverance In A Long Walk To Water

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A very important theme in the book A Long Walk to Water is perseverance. The first example that perseverance is an important theme is how Nya walks back and forth to a faraway pond 2 times a day, every day, for seven months a year without stopping. Also, on the path, there are thorns everywhere that are painful to remove. Nya only gets a small bit of water and rest even though it is very hot and dry. Even the water that Nya gets with much pain and suffering is muddy and infected with Guinea Worms. Another reason perseverance is an important theme in A Long Walk to Water is because Salva had to cross the Aboko desert for 3 days. Also, “Salva’s shoes stood no chance against the hot stony desert ground. page 52 ,” which means that Salva's shoes were reduced to shreds and he had to walk on the hot ground for 3 days. Also, because Salva’s shoes broke, he lost a toenail by hitting it on a rock and still had to keep walking. In addition to that pain, Salva had little water and food to keep him going. In fact, the only way he did was his uncle’s advice to take little steps at a time and Salva picturing himself with his family, who he doesn’t know where they are. As if that wasn’t …show more content…

Actually, the boy were worried that if soldiers came, they would make them fight or would just bomb them by plane. The older boys had to carry the younger children or the sick. Even the small boys needed to do a job to ensure the group safety and life. Dangers were wild animals, poisonous berries and other deadly food, and bomber planes. Even with all of these problems, the group made it to Kenya with less than 300 deaths. This was only possible because the group’s perseverance and they worked through their troubles. In conclusion, we should all persevere like Salva and Nya and we will be rewarded. In the end, Salva makes his dream a reality and Nya gets clean water and can go to school, but only because they worked hard to do whatever they needed to

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