Comparison Between A Long Walk To Water And Among The Hidden

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In this essay I am going to be answering a prompt. The prompt states “How does the choices we make impact or shape our identity?” Sometimes it's your smallest decisions that can change your lives forever. We’re using the book A Long Walk To Water and Among The Hidden. In these books they make different choices that can impact their lives in the future. Stay tuned to get the answer to the prompt. In Among The Hidden Luke has to hide because of this population law. The law states that only 2 children per household. Luke is a third child and he has to hide. Luke has to get a fake ID just so he could live a normal life. Here’s what Luke says “It’s people like you who changes history. People like me we just let things happen to us, I want a fake …show more content…

Their names are Nya from 2008, and Salva from 1985. They are going through a civil war, So then they make choices that affects their future. Even though they are in different time periods they both are going through the same thing. Civil War can have a huge impact on you and the people around you. Salva got accepted to be a soldier like the other men. This will impact his future, This will say if he survives or not. Now it is time to compare. In the books Among the Hidden, and A Long Walk To Water They go through some changes and obstacles in their lives. Luke is a illegal third child and he has to stay hidden, So he can see the outside world. Salva has gone through a Civil War that came two years early. His village was not prepared, He can find his parents but it is some people that he knows from his village.Now he has to be a soldier in order to stay safe and survive. So basically they go through the same impact on their lives. So about the quote ”Sometimes it's your smallest decisions that can change your lives forever.” I chose this quote just because it helped me write this essay. It brought out what the two stories, A Long Walk To Water, and Among the Hidden. It made me think about what it was that make them connect. The characters are at a struggle and if they fix the mistake then it will impact them in the

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