Survival Possible For Salva In A Long Walk To Water

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Salva, a 11 year old boy, who was separated from his family while running away from school due to war and needs to get to safety. He had gone through many dangerous challenges such as getting honey from the honey bees , swimming in the lake of crocodiles, ect… but he was able to survive. The factors which made survival possible for Salva in “ A Long Walk To Water” was motivation, helpful people, and basic needs. These factors were helpful because it would prevent Salva from dying or becoming more lost than he already is. Motivation is one of the factor of survival for Salva. Courage is important because it helps him to keep on going and not give up until he reach safety when war end and hopefully find his family. Being called his full name, motivated him. In the dessert, uncle supportivity, “Each time, he spoke to Salva using his full name.” (page 54). Every time when his uncle said his name, it would remind him of his family and cause him to keep on going. Furthermore, another motivation for Salva was the loss of this uncle and friend, Marial. After death, he thought , “ Marial and Uncle were no longer by his side, and they will never be again, but Salva knew that both of them would have wanted him to survive, to finish and reach the Itang refugee camp safety.”( page 65). This shows after the death of his friend and uncle, he …show more content…

He met this nice old woman which gave him shelter, food, and water. Desperately, “She said nothing but looked first at the man and then at Salva” (page 22). This shows how she helped him join in the group. Additionally, Buksa, a Dinka men from a tribe called Jur-chol, was another helpful person. He found honey for the group. Joyfully, “ Honey! This night, they would feast.”( page 25). Buksa had ended Salva’s hunger because of the beehive he found. Therefore, the helpful people that he encountered had helped in the

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