Character Analysis: A Walk To Water

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Have you ever gone through the desert with only a small gourd of water? Well, the Lost boys of Sudan went through South Sudan to get away from the war, and some other challenges. In the book a Walk to Water Salva and Nya have problems of getting water, but Salva is based on a real person who went through the challenges of losing his family and the brutal Sudanese war. These are some of the challenges he faced and how he solved them with what he had throughout his life. Through harsh challenges Salvas new foster family was always there for him to support and encourage him through tough times. Salva was thrown straight on into the Sudanese war to fend for himself, so he was all alone without his family. Later on Salva realizes what has happened …show more content…

Many times has Savlas uncles words helped him through hopeless times. Salvas uncles words had encouraged Salva to go “ bit by bit, one step at a time”, so Salva thought, “ Perhaps…perhaps Salva could get through life at the camp in the way.” (72) As a result that Salva feels this way he is being encouraged by his uncles’ words, so that makes Salva feel stronger in a way. His uncle’s words help Salva, and encourage him through many of his challenges. Also in the book Salva remembers, “Most of all, he remembered how Uncle had encouraged him in the desert,”when all seemed lost. (81) Again we are reminded how Salva’s Uncles words have encouraged him, through the many harsh challenges Salva has went through. These words that Salvas uncle said is used for Salva when he is feeling down or discouraged. When Salva felt hopeless he would “ take a deep breath and think of his uncle’s words,” and this would help Salva regain focus and hope. (110) This text evidence shows when Salva would lose hope or was stressed he would deal with it by using his uncles words. Through all of these challenges Salva used his uncles words to encourage him again and again, when Salva was losing

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