Theme Of Perseverance In A Long Walk To Water

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Perseverance is an important theme in A Long Walk To Water. The first example of Perseverance is when Salva listens to what his uncle says. His uncle uses his full name, and Salva thinks of his family. Uncle tells him to only walk as far as that bush, or clump of rocks. Salva perseveres by thinking of his family. By thinking of his family, Salva is able to keep walking even though he’s tired, thirsty, hungry, and his feet hurt. The second example of Perseverance is when Salva is in the refugee camp. He hates the refugee camp and wants to get out of there. “I only need to get through the rest of this day, he told himself. This day and no other.” (pg 73) This shows that Salva is persevering because even though he hates the refugee camp, he

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