Character Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

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A Long Walk to Water, a captivating novel by Linda Sue Park, exposes the story of Salva and his terrifying experience of having his life turned upside down when the war in Sudan seeps into his village. Salva travels from group to group, refugee camp to camp, trying to outrun the war and find his family. Throughout his journey, Salva loses his family and friends, and meanwhile the war continues to tear apart the country he loves. To overcome all of the obstacles on his journey, Salva must use his intelligence, new relationships, and perseverance to survive. Salva overcame obstacles through intellect and determination. For example, Gunfire rings out at Salva’s school and near his school and ‘He ran until he could not run anymore. Then he …show more content…

For example in chapter ten Salva’s uncle dies, and even though ‘Marial and Uncle were no longer by his side, and they never would be again, but Salva knew that both of them would have wanted him to survive, finish the trip and reach the Itang refugee camp safely. If was almost as if they had left their strength with him, to help him on his journey.’ This shows how you must learn from the challenges you encounter on your journey, and continue to persevere. After many days of hardship and struggle, Salva and the group reach the fisherman's territory and are so starving that they must beg for food. In chapter 8 the text says, ‘None of the travelers had money or anything of value to trade, so they had to beg for food.’ This shows how when things get hard, you must endure humility to overcome the challenge, such as what Salva had to do when he and the others begged for food. Finally, when Slava is still in the fisherman’s territory he and the others are plagued by mosquitoes all night. This shows how sometimes there is nothing you can do but wait to get over a challenge. Salva shows that he will not give up and never stop honoring his family by persevering throughout his

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