Character Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

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Have you ever been in a life threatening situation? Well 11 years old Salva has. During the Second Sudanese Civil War, Salva was one of several millions of people in danger. Salva was in school one day when gunfire erupted outside. There had been fighting in Southern Sudan between government troops and the rebels for two years. Following his teacher’s orders, Salva runs into the bush, away from his home and family, and soon joins a group of other people who are all fleeing the fighting. At night the group slept in a barn, but in the morning Salva found out that the group left him. So he stayed with a old women. But the old women said he needed to leave because it was not safe with him around. Then Salva joined another group, and they experienced a lot difficulty while walking to the refugee camp. But in the end, he reached his goal. Overall, in A Long Walk to Water, in order to survive, Salva had to rely on the help of others, adapt to life without his family, and make it through a tough environment. …show more content…

For instance, Salva moved to America but he English was not very good but he kept learning. “Slowly he English is get better.” (86). This means he got a chance to improve his skills. Next, "We will soon come to the Nile River and cross to the other side.” (42)They do not have the material they have to hands-knit, even though it is very difficult but he was trying to, so they can pass through the Nile River,This show He helped everyone living in the Nile river, because there may be more people in the Nile, they help them to leave the Lions States. Lastly, "They are going to close the camp.” This mean He no place to live, he needs to find a safe place to

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