A Long Walk To Water Essay

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Salva runs from the sound of gunshots...

In the book, A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park, Salva Dut was introduced at eleven in 1985. Salva, forced to embark on a dangerous journey as a refugee, leaves his home and family behind in search of safety. Despite the danger, Salva was determined to continue his quest for security, relying on his resilience and hope to carry him through. As he runs away, he lacks water and shelter and depends on his life skills to get by. War occurs in South Sudan, and Salva Dut has to run away from his village and family to remain safe. As a "lost boy" refugee, he must journey on foot across Africa, searching for his family and safety. After surviving three refugee camps, Salva has been allowed to escape the war for a lifetime. Because many of the camps he stayed in were closed, Salva had to travel to other camps. When Salva was trying to cross the Gilo River, most of the camps he lived in were closed because people drowned, were shot, or were eaten by crocodiles. Despite these dangerous obstacles, Salva persevered, …show more content…

Based on a man named Salva Dut tells the story of his childhood. Separated from family, running from death, and walking miles for water were just some of the challenges that were described in the book. The book has a great storyline and plot and gives excellent lessons and survival skills. The details seem unique, and the book provides an inspirational feeling. The book was very clearly explained and contained astonishing emotions, chapter by chapter. The beginning of the book, the hook, was exciting and encouraged me to read more. Unfortunately, despite the book's good sides, there was much violence in some instances. Even though some of the cases make the book even better, some of the violence seems too much. Overall, a reader feels good after reading the book and would recommend it to others, especially those who enjoy action and

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