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  • The Motivation Of Salva In Southern Sudan

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    It was the summer of 1985 is Southern Sudan when many people sent out on a journey to have a better life. Salva, the main character was able to survive by using adaptability, positive attitude, and motivation. Salvas adventure was very crazy and scary. He watched many people die in front of him. Salva had to adapt to the places he was at. Salva was once sleeping on a comfortable bed but now he is sleeping on the ground or whatever he could find to lay on. When he was walking he would have to

  • Salva's Hardships In Southern Sudan In A Long Walk To Water

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    About 120 people a day die from starvation in Southern Sudan. In A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park Salva traveled across all over Southern Sudan. Also Salva had to walk that whole way with only one gourd on his back holding water that had to be saved and used with great care. Many hardships in Southern Sudan are war, lack of food/water, and shelter. Many hardships in Southern Sudan are war. For example chapter 1 Southern Sudan, 1985, “Stay away from the villages-run into the bush. He went

  • A Long Walk To Water Quotes

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    In South Sudan around 2 million people died and this time period was considered a genocide. Salva was one of the many people that were struggling during this period of time. “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park, is a book about how Salva had to leave his home and family due to a war, he was joined by people along the way of his journey, but really only had himself as support and motivation to keep going and not give up despite how hard it was. Salve faced many hardships during his youth including

  • A Long Walk To Water Quotes

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    There are so many countries in the world that face many hardships. In the book “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park, a character faces many obstacles while living in Southern Sudan. These hardships include family loss, water issues, and ongoing war. Salva faced a lot of hardships, but family loss sticks out because he is only eleven and he has never been without them for a period of time like this. For example, A Long Walk to Water states, “As Salva walked, the same thoughts kept going through

  • Argumentative Essay: The Sudan Civil War

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    Sudan Civil War There is no such thing as a perfect society, and when countries strive to achieve this, nothing perfect is going to be produced. It is often shown in areas where one group of people believe that their way of living is of greater value than the others. The viewpoints a President and Vice President have based off of their religion, have the country of Sudan wrapped up in a civil war that could possibly be solved by the creation of a freedom of religion that would finally unite this

  • A Long Walk To Water By Linda Sue Park

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    People in Southern Sudan have dirty water, wild animals, the many wars and a lot more hardships they need to face. In the book “A long walk to water” by: Linda Sue Park, is a book that takes place in Southern Sudan and features all the hardships Salva and Nya had to face while living there such as wild animals, wars, fights through tribes, lack of water and food. Hardships Salva faced in Southern Sudan are lack of water/ food, the wild animals, and the fighting/ war. One of the hardships Salva

  • A Long Walk To Water Quotes

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    In the novel A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, the main character, Salva Dut, faces many undeniably difficult situations that require him to show qualities of determination and perseverance. Salva was an eleven-year-old boy living in Southern Sudan when the Civil War broke out in 1985. This war was being fought over religion. Families were displaced and forced to live in refugee camps with people from different tribes. Salva endured more hardships to show perseverance such as walking in a desert

  • A Long Walk To Water Salva Quotes

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    Living in the middle of a warzone has become second nature for the refugees living in Southern Sudan. The novel, A Long Walk to Water, written by Linda Sue Park is based on the true story of Salva and his journey to refugee camps all over Africa over the last 30 years. Salva was one of the thousands of Lost Boys to make it out of Sudan and travel to America for safety. Through all of this Salva has proven he is a survivor by enduring hostile environments, being a leader for others, and pushing forward

  • A Long Walk To Water Quotes

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    “ The walking began again, but to where?” The book A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park illustrates the struggles and issues that are affecting the people of Southern Sudan. The story has 2 perspectives, one being a girl named Nya who is part of the Nuer tribe in 2009. The other is the life of a boy named Salva who is DInka. Despite the differences in their background they are both faced with difficult crises. Armed conflict was a big part of this story and was first illustrated in the very

  • Darfur Conflict

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    Sudan is the largest country in Africa. For many years there has been conflict between the northerners and southerners in Sudan. There has always been deeply rooted problems with self-identity, issues over natural resources and bad governing by the Sudanese government. Several have speculated what caused this “strong-armed” major conflict. Many spectators feel that this conflict was the result of the long history of ethnic insignificance and a decline in land resources. The conflict is a combination

  • Character Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

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    Salva go to Sudan, it

  • Character Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

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    Charles Darwin once said, "Your survival depends on whether you." Essentially, you must put in the work to survive and thrive; otherwise, you will perish. The novel A Long Walk to Water follows a young boy’s journey in Sudan where war had broken out. Separated from his family, Salva had a mission to find them. However, Salva was just a child with no idea on how to survive on his own. Thus, he faced many obstacles trying to stay alive. There were several factors that contributed to Salva's survival

  • Perseverance In A Long Walk To Water

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    to other countries like Kenya to find safe spaces as a refugee. The life of Salva and his struggles shows that his story developed the most perseverance. The story “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park teaches about the water situation in Southern Sudan. The story is told in two perspectives, a boy named Salva and a girl named Nya. Salvas perspective is about his struggles through the Second Sudanese Civil War, and Nyas perspective is about her journey of getting water to her family.

  • How Does Salva Survive In A Long Walk To Water

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    Imagine that you had to leave your family in the middle of a school day because of a war and end up walking for years struggling for survival--that is exactly what Salva Dut experienced in the novel A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park. A Long Walk To Water is the story of a young boy named Salva. As the Second Sudanese Civil War Starts, Salva is forced to run as the fighting comes to his village. Escaping quickly and leaving his family behind, he joins up with fellow refugees—all headed out of

  • A Long Walk To Water By Linda Sue Park

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    Imagine you’re Salva, attending school and suddenly hearing a gunshot. The story “A Long Walk to Water” by Linda Sue Park, tells about the journey of a young boy named Salva, living in a village called Loun-Ariik, located in Southern Sudan. Southern Sudan was in the middle of a war, this is one of the hardships Salva faced, along with lack of water, and lack of food. One day while Salva was in school, he heard a gunshot. He runs to a near bush, and this is what begins his long walk. While he is

  • The Theme Of Quitting In A Long Walk To Water

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    “Quitting leads to much less happiness in life than perseverance and hope.”- SalvaDut, the Ceo of Water for South Sudan and a lost boy, Salva Dut who became a lost boy in 1985 because of the Sudanese Civil War, retells his story in A Long Walk to Water, it details an adventure through harsh deserts and blistering heat, to raging rivers and rapids.Nya, a fictional, but based off someone Salva may have met, is faced with the challenge of walking to water everyday so her family can have fresh drinking

  • Character Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

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    escape war in his home of southern Sudan. He tries to escape The Sudanese Civil War to Ethiopia first, and then to Kenya. During A Long Walk to Water, Salva faces and overcomes many hardships like the civil war, dangerous animals, and harsh living conditions. The first hardship that Salva faced was the Sudanese Civil War that raged on around him. The Sudanese Civil War began in 1983 and was a fight over the religion of Sudan. In the north the government wanted all of Sudan to practice Islam, but in

  • Character Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

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    Linda Sue Park’s A Long Walk to Water was one of these boys. On a normal school day, Salva was sitting in his classroom when gunshots started firing outside; following his teacher’s instructions, Salva immediately evacuated a small village in Southern Sudan and began the long, treacherous journey to a refugee camp in Ethiopia. After experiencing the perils of starvation and disease, Salva arrived at the camp, only to then be forced out a few years later to move to a new camp

  • Long Walk To Water Salva Quotes

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    In the novel A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park, the main character Salva survives many challenges due to his relationships, perseverance, and luck. Salva is at school when the civil war between Sudan and Southern Sudan reaches his village, and Salva is forced to run away, and to become a refugee. He befriends other refugees along the way, and he survives, regardless of all the challenges he is faced with. Salva’s relationships with other people along the way helped him to survive. Salva was

  • An Ordinary Man Analysis

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    One cannot fight fire with fire. While massacre reigns in Rwanda and people take betrayal to the extreme, Paul Rusesabagina in his book, An Ordinary Man, proofs how violence is unnecessary while standing against the power of the word. As Rusesabagina states, words are “powerful tools of life”(Rusesabagina, 19). The war between the two different ethnic groups, Hutus and Tutsis, and the death of thousands left a mark Rwanda’s memory; the author says: “It is the darkest bead on our national necklace”