How Did Clarkston Luma Respond To The Problems Faced By Refugees?

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Clarkston became home for many of refugees all over the world. Clarkston being stuck in its southern ways, many residents raised in Clarkston felt that the refugees changed its community, and some others accommodated to the new sudden change. Noticing the separation, many refugee families stayed to their selves to avoid any confrontations. Coming from war countries which made them flee from their homes, also having to live with these traumatic experiences left many refugees to be self- conscious. Finding it hard to adjust to their new lives in Clarkston Luma helped many families because they couldn’t turn too many residents in Clarkston for help because of their inability to speak English or just because of their ethics. In Warren St. John’s …show more content…

She provide her team with a set of rules they had to go by, and if they didn’t they might as well didn’t show up to any practices or games. Besides of trying to teach her team discipline she cared for the fugees like family. The refugee families when through many traumatic events in their lives before moving to Clarkston. Luma created a soccer programs to give the boys something to do to get their minds off the problems they faced every day. Although the refugees faced many problem before their new lives became in Clarkston, they still had to deal with feeling like outsiders. Trying to make a way in an already poor community and being different had the refugees wondering if the United States was what they really expected it to be. As Luma bonded with the boys she made a close bond with their families also. Luma wasn’t a refugees but she knew what it felt like to be an outsider. Luma helped the refugee families get jobs, also hired tutors for her players to improve their English. Luma had become a safety net for many of the refugee families. “Luma promised to pick Jeremiah up before practice and to drop him off afterward (58).” Luma promised Jeremiah mother Beatrice that she will make sure he would be safe getting to and from practice every day. Beatrice found it hard to trust anyone in Clarkston after getting mugged for everything she had. Keeping her children cooped in their apartment to make sure they were safe, because their new community and home

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