Essay On Refugee Crisis

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Over nine million Syrians alone have been displaced since 2011! If someone took three people who originate from Syria, chances are, one of them has been displaced from their homes. Millions of people are attempting to escape the horrible terrorist groups located in Syria, and the strain on European countries to house refugees is endless, but, to put less stress on European countries, refugees can go to countries nearby to their home, paid for by European countries.
The countless terrorist organizations in Afghanistan causes countless people to seek refuge in other countries, but this takes an enormous political and economic toll on various European countries. Even though opportunities lay within European countries, a problem exists with asylum …show more content…

One of the myriad of effects is the pressure the crisis provides on European countries to provide refugees with food and shelter. “The strains on housing, social services, education, and employment are showing”(“European Migration: Crisis and Consequences.”). The four million refugees from Syria who seek refuge in European countries renders it challenging for European countries to provide everyone with the basic necessities. Correspondingly, this enormous statistic means less availability of jobs, which is the reason why only 2500 refugees of Germany’s 260,000 refugees are actually employed. Moreover, some private sector initiatives attempt to integrate refugees into the workforce, but they do not always end up successful. Finally, from the Syrian civil war, 250,000 unfortunate people have died. When multitudes of people migrate to one country, that country would, in turn, become extremely pressured. “The pressures caused by massive influxes of people can be overwhelming”(“What's Driving the Global Refugee Crisis?”). Every year, Germany alone spends 21.7 billion dollars on anything which is refugee related, and with oncoming demand in Germany, this number continues to grow higher. The European Refugee Crisis has also displaced nine million Syrians’ homes, making it troublesome for countries to house them. The European refugee crisis is undoubtedly a massive problem, but with every problem, there is a

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