The Universal Refugee Experience In Ha's Inside Out And Back Again

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The novel “Inside Out and Back Again” describes the life of a family of refugees searching to find home. It describes the highs and the lows of day-to-day life for the family, perfectly describing the universal refugee experience. The universal refugee experience is an umbrella term used to describe the myriad of trials and tribulations refugees endure as they move to a foreign place. These are experiences that all or most refugees typically go through in their process of finding a new home. Ha’s journey is a perfect example of the universal refugee experience. She faces racism, discrimination, loneliness, and, over time, a growing sense of love for her new home. Ha’s life is turned “inside out and back again”. Before Ha had to flee Saigon, she was headstrong and selfish, but she was also a girl who loved her mother and couldn't wait to grow up. She wanted to be able to do something before her older brothers did it, and do it better. But most of all, Ha wanted to fit in, to be liked. At her core, Ha was a normal little girl.
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People who have been thrust into a completely unfamiliar situation where the differences in daily life leave a big gaping hole. They have to suddenly adjust to living in a completely different way. And often, refugees have to adjust to being in a situation where people might be unfair to them based on where they used to live or their way of life. Refugee children often feel the ache of losing their homes more profoundly than their elders.The article “Refugee and Immigrant Children: A Comparison” states “Once in Canada, they both have to endure the ‘push-and-pull’ forces of home and

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