Examples Of A Universal Refugee Experience

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Ha is an example of the universal refugee experience because she goes through things that many other refugees go through, such as the feeling of being “inside out” and not belonging anywhere. Ha has to learn a new language and a whole new way of life, she has to give up many of her old traditions and ways of life like many refugees do. A universal refugee experience is something that is experienced by not all, but most refugees. Ha started out stubborn and forceful before they fled their home, "I decided to wake before dawn and tap my big toe on the tile floor first," (Lai 2). Ha is angry that only men 's feet bring good luck and she will not let that be the case for she wants to bring luck to her family. She loves her mother very much but she would rather hide her brother 's sandals then say that she loves them too, she does but she wouldn 't admit it. Ha from the book Inside Out & Back Again experiences many of the same things as other refugees do, this is known as a universal refugee experience. Many refugees are turned inside out as they go through the process of moving from their home country to a new country and as they try to find a sense of normal life again.
The lives of refugees are turned “inside out” out when they are forced to flee because they have to leave the only home they have ever known and try to figure out a way to leave their old lives behind. They are not leaving their country because they want to but because they are forced to and it can feel like
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