Hatchet Theme Essay

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If people give up all the time individuals will never get far in life or become successful, but if people try their best until people get better or at least try, people are less likely to fail. To begin, in the realistic fiction novel, Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, there is a kid named Brian Robeson whose parents are divorced. So he gets on a plane to go see his dad, but usually stays mainly with his mom. When he goes on the plane for the first time since the divorce his plane crashes in the middle of a forest. Brian has to learn how to survive in the wilderness and hope he gets saved. The novel has two themes displayed through the novel. One theme is to never give up. Another theme is when an individual is scared to do something they can overcome …show more content…

An additional theme that is presented in the book is how courage can help people face fears. People see this when Brian is on a plane and his pilot has a heart attack (page 26). Brian then has to fly the plane but he is frightened to do it. Brian has never flown a plane before, so he is petrified to do it. He is very courageous to face his fear of flying a plane. This shows how brave he is. Brian still ends up crashing the plane, but his courage came through and he tries to do everything he can to survive and fly the plane. Another example is when the book states “But the fear moved then, moved away, and Brian knew the wolf for what it was - another part of the woods…”(page 121). This shows the theme because Brian is scared of the wolf. His fear of the wolf goes away because he thinks of it as another part of the woods. He starts to relax and goes up close to the wolf; the wolf lets him come close which made Brian realize that his fear was silly. Most people can not face their fears like Brian does a couple times. He chose to have courage and not be scared or run away. In summation, there are two themes that prevail in the book. The two themes are never give up and when the individual is scared to do something they can overcome their fear. The importance of never giving up is so people can achieve more and be satisfied. The importance of having courage is so

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