Compare And Contrast Essay On The Hatchet

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Have you ever been stuck in the wilderness alone? 13 year old Brian Robeson has. He was stuck in the Canadian Woods for 54 days. He had to use survival strategies like these to help him survive. He uses trial and error, his hatchet, and he thinks positively.

First, Brian uses good survival strategies by using trial and error. He used this strategy well. For example, he started steering the plane up and down to keep it steady. He used trial and error by doing it over and over again until he did it correctly. Another way he used trial and error was, he kept missing the fish. He kept missing the fish because he didn't realize that water refracts. After he realized he was not going crazy and the fish weren't going that fast. He also used trial and error because he almost went blind. Brian almost went blind when he made his own bow and arrow. He learns he is doing it wrong and decided to fix it. Now that we know about trial and error, let's go and see how Brian uses his hatchet to survive.

Second, Brian uses good survival strategies by using his hatchet. He used this strategy well by using it to get to the survival pack. First, Brian broke into the plane to get inside to find the survival pack. He then started searching and found it. This leads us to the next one because Brian uses his hatchet to get from the …show more content…

The first way Brian thought positively was because of his English teacher. His English teacher always told him to be positive because it gives him a good life. Instead at the bad times, Brian always knew there was another day. The second way Brian thought positively by thinking about home. Brian got upset so what he did was imagined the food, his family, and everything back at home. Finally, he thought positively when he was trying to build a fire. He remembered what his teacher said and knew that if he thought he could do it, it would happen. That is the final strategy I will be sharing with

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