Important Events In Hatchet

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An important event in Hatchet was when Brian made a raft and went out to the plane to get the survival kit. Brain had seen the plane out at the lake after the tornado, and He wanted to go out there and see want was on the plane. He was thinking about it then he remembered that the survival kit was out there so he really wanted to go and get it, but something bad happened. When he got out there he was hitting the side of the plane (which was very easy), but he dropped his hatchet. But he got it, and opened the plane and had seen the dead pilot. He did not what to look but he did. Then, he realized that he had to get the pack, so he reached for it but it was trapped. So, Brian pulled and pulled and finally got it. Finally, He got on his raft and went back to the camp. He was so tired and wanted to go to bed. Then, the next day he opened the bag and had seen things he needed and He was so happy. These steps are important because Brian learned that you can not give up. It took him a long time to get in the plane and get the kit, and he had to stay out on the lake in till he got the kit, but he did and it was very useful to him. In addition, Brian’s experience with …show more content…

Brian did at the end when he got the pack from the plane. In the passage it said, “Always carry the means to shelter yourself, to start a fire…” (Kummerfeldt 3). Through the trial and error process, Brian shows that he can follow Kummerfeldt’s advice because he got the kit and was using it to get people, and for food, and for a fire even though he knew how to make one with only his hatchet, and wood. In the book “Hatchet” it said, “Fire!” , “I’ve got fire! I’ve got it, I’ve got, I’ve got it…” (Paulsen 86). He did not give up on himself, and that is what he did when he got the pack for the plane. It took him all day to get it from the plane but he did not give up even when he dropped the

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