Summary Of Brian's Winter

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In the book Brian 's winter the main character is Brian from the book Hatchet. Brian 's winter is a spin of book telling the story of him if he wasn 't rescued at the end of Hatchet and had to last the winter in the woods. This book was made to the people wondering what would 've happen to brian if he wasn 't rescued. Brian 's Winter shows how tough he has to be able to survive and make it through the winter.
In Brian 's Winter it shows how he had to adapt to the winter to be able to survive and make it. It talks about how winter hit him out of know where and how he was being careless with the hunting supplies he had. Brian is the main character in the book and the book is told from his point of view so you could feel, experience what he actually had to go threw. Brian he is only a teenager is all alone in the woods after a plane crash in the book hatchet and has to learn how to adapt to the woods to survive. Brian has to learn how to hunt, make shelter, make a fire, and several other things he is not used to doing.
If you read hatchet you read that Brian got rescued but people started to wonder what he would of had to go thru if he didn 't and had to threw the winter, So the author made this book Brian 's Winter that …show more content…

Brian 's Winter is a book about survival to be specific the survival of Brian the main character of Hatchet and the main character of this book to. Themes of this story are loneliness , ancient people , and survival. Books like this are interesting to read they keep you wondering how he is going to make it what will he do next to be able to survive will he get rescued. These are a few questions you will keep asking yourself while you read this book. At the end of the book Brian finally gets rescued it is worth it. He has to go thru a lot in this book just to survive but he never stops trying each day he got up and did what was necessary to survive another day. You could learn a lesson from this book never stop trying one day something good will

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